The Flying Bowl (GFO)

The thought of a steaming hot bowl of rice with your favorite toppings packed with flavor makes you feel all warm inside – imagine what would happen if it was in front of you. Well, now it can be! 
Presenting the king of Mediterranean food – The Flying Bowl. This gluten-free meal that is low in calories but packed with nutrition doesn’t compromise on flavor – because healthy doesn’t have to be boring. 
Choose your protein, load up on your favorite toppings and even go for add-ons – your custom Flying Bowl is just waiting to be created!
Order online or visit us to take away today – either way, you have full control! 

Protein Options        

•    Flying Falafels (mildly spicy) + $0
•    Chick'n Shawarma + $1
•    Crispy Chick'n + $1
•    ShawaFalafel + $2

Toppings Included 

  • Classic Tahini

  • Cucumber Salad

  • Cabby Mix

  • Spicy Tahini    


  • Extra Tahini: $0.50

  • Spicy Tahini: $0.50

Martha Wright.jpg

Martha Wright

“Delicious food! We’re traveling from Virginia so we’re trying out new things. Only going to be here for 3 days but definitely thinking about going back before we leave.” 

Jon Rogers.jpg

Jon Rogers

“This is the absolute perfect Mediterranean party platter! It has everything from protein to fresh veggies and tangy sauce—all gluten-free.”

More Items To Try 

Group Meal

  • Family Pack (4-6 people) - GFO 

Desserts & Drinks

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  • Organic Drink

  • Bottled Water

Individual Meals

  • Mezze Appetizer Plate - GFO

  • The Pita 

  • The Flying Bowl – GFO

  • Shawarmaritto

Side Perks

  • Famous Fries - GF

  • Hummus 8oz - GF

  • Roasted Eggplant (8 oz) - GF

  • Protein Side – GF

  • Golden Cauliflower - GF

  • Pita Bread   

  • Side Veggies - GF

Platters Hero.jpg