Roasted Eggplant

8 oz 

A Mediterrenean food dish isn’t complete without some good old Roasted Eggplant on the side – and how could we disappoint? 

Beautiful eggplants are roasted to the perfect melt-in-your-mouth softness with seasoning that reminds you of mom’s place. And as if the combination of the smooth silky texture and familiar flavor weren’t enough, the nutritious side is also as healthy as they come.  

So what are you waiting for? Add it to your meal now! 

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You have the following add-on options:

  • Extra Tahini:  $0.50

  • Spicy Tahini:  $0.50

Olivia Baker.jpg

Olivia Baker on Google Reviews

“Wow. An amazing CHEAP vegan falafel and mock meat shop in central San Francisco. The staff were overly friendly and were able to explain the menu and even let me try a little of the mock meat (delicious by the way). "

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William Davis on Google Reviews

“The fries were sooooo tasty. Seasoned wonderfully and it happened to be my favorite style of fries (in between standard cut and shoe string). Both the plate portions were very generous, and the hummus and pickled vegetables were delightful. We loved the "chicken" shawarma.” 

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