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The Pita 

It can be hard to find healthy options that also taste great when you’re craving a pita bread sandwich but guess what – not anymore! 
A soft, nutritious slice of pita bread stuffed with your favorite toppings that are seasoned to Middle-Eastern food perfection - this low-carb meal takes your taste buds on the ride of a lifetime. Whether you go for a Cucumber Salad or Cabby Mix, Classic Tahini or Spicy – with your choice of protein, of course! – you are in for an explosion of taste! 
Now you can enjoy your meal without worrying about that weighing scale reading. 
Order online now or visit us to pick up The Pita YOU create!

Protein Options        

•    Flying Falafels (mildly spicy) + $0
•    Chick'n Shawarma + $1
•    Crispy Chick'n + $1
•    ShawaFalafel + $2

Toppings Included 

•    Cabby Mix
•    Spicy Tahini
•    Classic Tahini
•    Cucumber Salad


  • Extra Tahini: $0.50

  • Spicy Tahini: $0.50

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Allison Torres

"I was introduced to this place last week and I've been back twice! It is some of the best falafels I've ever had, and I love the vegan cheesecake!"

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Richard Morris

"I'm picky about food. I don't go to many restaurants, and when I do, I'm usually disappointed and feel I overpaid. That never happens here. This place has GREAT food -- the baklava and banana milkshake are notable -- and GREAT prices. Service is also almost always incredibly fast. San Francisco has been missing a quick and easy take-out spot like this. Not to be missed. You won't regret it"

More Items To Try 

Group Meal

  • Family Pack (4-6 people) - GFO 

Desserts & Drinks

  • Baklava Dessert

  • Organic Drink

  • Bottled Water

Individual Meals

  • Mezze Appetizer Plate - GFO

  • The Pita 

  • The Flying Bowl – GFO

  • Shawarmaritto

Side Perks

  • Famous Fries - GF

  • Hummus 8oz - GF

  • Roasted Eggplant (8 oz) - GF

  • Protein Side – GF

  • Golden Cauliflower - GF

  • Pita Bread   

  • Side Veggies - GF

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