Baklava Dessert

Enter dessert heaven when you order this scrumptious baklava from The Flying Falafel. 
A perfect crunch on the outside is met by soft, chewy layers of pastry inside. Fresh coarsely chopped nuts nestled between the layers add the wow factor, as a sweet syrup brings it all together. 
A delightful blend of textures and flavors, it’s a treat you do not want to miss. 
Order for yourself or share it with your loved ones - it’s the perfect way to finish off your Middle-Eastern food fiesta! 
Don’t hesitate – order now and have sweetness delivered (or reserved for takeaway)! 

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Helena Peterson. on

“Sweet crispy phyllo dough filled with nuts and wonder! There is always room for dessert because the dessert goes straight to the heart!” 

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Tom Anderson. on

I am always looking for desserts with less cream and more goodness, one time on my way back from my workplace, I tried this amazingly delicious treat filled with love and sweetness. I recommend trying it before meals too! ” 

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